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Hair loss treatment and hair restoration surgery are two different things, while hair loss treatment for men and women can be done with medication and other treatments on offer, when baldness occurs hair restoration surgery happens to be the only solution that works.
This is because our hair is deeply connected with our body image both psychologically and socially. And while some can live with it without a concern, some find it hard to accept. Otherwise hair loss and baldness doesn't cause any harm, in this place, and since hair restoration is a safe and predictable and permanent solution to baldness, that really works, it is very popular that people largely invest in it.
Yes definitely the baldness resistant hair is right there but there is no such instrument which a surgeon can identify them from the ones in line for miniaturization. If patients intend to have a hair restoration with minimal 2-3rd stage hair miniaturization then it is very much possible that there is more hair miniaturization to happen down the line and the hair that is thick and strong today might be miniaturized over time, so it is best to use a hat and let the hair loss stabilize before having a hair transplant surgery.
This solely depends on how much donor hair supply as we can only the patient's own hair for this. If there is enough donor hair to supply for it, then it is absolutely possible to have a head full of dense hair. Moreover, with intelligent thought process of the artistry in creating the patterns in which the donor hairs are planted to the recipient area can make a denser appearance that it really is and yet look natural, with some additional hair styles and haircuts, one can really cover up for a head full of dense hair.
Not really. At Harley Street Hair Transplant Clinic we provide computerized vision of estimated results and the procedure is only considered when the patient has realistic expectations. However, when there is limited donor supply, then it is advisable that patients can opt for multiple hair transplants with smaller grafting sessions that can stretch up to 3 years under the same hair transplant cost.
The donor area loses some of its density after supplying for the recipient area. However the condition with the donor area results differently with each of FUT and FUE procedures. As the only difference between FUT and FUE procedures is the way the donor hair is harvested, obviously the condition of the donor area is different. With FUT the donor area remains with a linear scar, which with skilled hands of surgeons can vanish leaving no trace to naked eye. Whereas, with FUE the donor area becomes a short cropped and thin in density to provide the top of the scalp, but there won't be any visible scar within 1-2 months of surgery.
There is not prohibition on smoking, if you can smoke antioxidants only, and then there is no prohibition. The prohibition is on the smoke of nicotine. This stimulated and to some extent poisons blood vessels in very dormant level, which can be exposed much if during a surgery it is done, causing infection and deterred results and pain and bruising during the surgery, probably the patient wont die, but there will be serious damage and one cigerrette or a pinch of tobacco can last till days with its affect on the blood stream hence it is advised against at 2 weeks prior to surgery. With alcohol and aspirins is that it constricts the blood vessels and in result sometime result in excess bleeding.