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Biofibre Hair Implant

The option of Biofibre Hair Implant in Advanced Hair Transplant clinic comes with the unique selling point of maintaining the accuracy of the hair transplantation or implantation method, with a lasting result. This mode of option is a boon, especially for the patients who don’t have much of a donor region to support or any time left for conducting a natural hair transplant.

It is an innovative treatment mode using artificial hair implants prepared from a human tissue friendly, non reactive material. This treatment choice is helping especially those seeking immediate aesthetic outcomes with no additional downtime to look for, to win the age old battle with hair loss.

And the best part about it is the natural and lasting result which comes in all colors mainly to match your choice of scalp hair. It is inserted in the localized areas of barrenness or thinning of the scalp, marked by the professional surgeon for achieving a pleasing outcome to even those who had lost all. Being quite simple and quick to perform, this procedure requires no additional recovery time and lets the patient being subjected to a minimum amount of discomfort and pain. It is one of the best approaches opted by those wish to witness the transformation in the immediate basis with a boosted self confidence and self esteem.

The Procedure In Short

The length and the color of the seeking candidate is choosen as per the remaining hair sample, with a preferred texture and color. The first 100 biofibres are implanted in the area of baldness to test any reactions. After 3 weeks if there are no reactions then remaining fibres are planted in single session under local anesthesia. There is no downtime and you can assume your normal work just after the procedure.

Why opt for Biofibre Hair Implant

  • This Biofibre Hair Implant offers a high density hair transplant within a few hours with an instant natural looking hair providing physical and psychological wellness for the patient
  • This hair fibres satisfy the aesthetic treatment requirements due to their undetectable to natural hair, which available upto 21 colours in different shape and lengths (from 16 cm up to 45 cm) and in 3 different kind of hairstyles such as straight, wavy and curly
  • The whole procedure is being performed on outpatient basis making it possible for the patients to resume back to their daily normal activities
  • It is considered to be economically affordable since it provides progressive and gradual hair thickening
  • Has no such burden for post operation maintenance
  • It has no such binding that one has to undergo the whole procedure. The patient can wish to continue or even stop the surgery at any point or even combine it with other surgical or medical treatment
  • This implant is recommended for those people with hair thinning, Scarring alopecia or Androgenetic alopecia (baldness) or whenever a high density full coverage implant is required with an immediate aesthetic result


  • Baldness otherwise unsolvable
  • Integration with other surgical techniques
  • When requesting trauma free surgery
  • When requesting immediate aesthetic results
  • For all types of baldness

Advantages of Synthetic Hair Transplant

  • No possible lasting scars
  • Immediate aesthetic outcomes with no additional downtime
  • Safety for patient’s health
  • Rapid and easy execution
  • Excellent cosmetic acceptance
  • Limited donor area

Disadvantages of Synthetic Hair Transplant

  • Regular cleaning
  • Test patch zone required
  • Regular maintenance
  • A temporary solution to baldness

We at Advanced Hair Transplant Clinic, function in a way with careful judgments of the individual situations and thus carefully phase a pre planned programme, along with detailed instructions of both pre – op and post – op for the best outcome and aesthetic enhancement. But it is always suggested that you opt for a free of cost consultation with the surgeons and professionals involved before you finally take the call of undertaking the process with a smooth elaboration. Reach us at the earliest for better understanding.