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Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow hair transplant is done through FUE micro grafting for defining, thick yet naturalistic eyebrows. Eyebrow hair restoration procedure follows the same principles of taking hair from the donor zone and planting it to the eyebrows, however, the angle of the hair sand graft numbers in eyebrow hair transplant differs than hair transplant of scalp. At H & S Hair Transplant Clinic of Harley Street, eyebrow hair restoration is done under specialist care with the use of micro-grafting and FUE hair transplant technique. One hair grafts are used instead of 1-5hair grafts. Eyebrow hair loss is a cause of varied reasons including androgenic alopecia.

The Structure of the Eyebrows

The basic structuring of eyebrow hair is dramatic and eyebrow hair differs in anatomy from that of body and scalp hair. Eyebrow hair grows in a dramatic criss-cross pattern wherein it starts from closer to the nose and the hair points outward and upward, which as it gets above the eyes it changes its direction inward and downward and as it gets to the tip of it again changes direction to outward and downward. And it is this criss-cross pattern of hair that causes the middle portion of the brow to elevate with a natural density in the center of the brow on top of the eye.

The hair in the eyebrows grows individual strands instead of multiple hair follicles in an angle that lays flat in level with the skin contrary to body and scalp hair that grows in a erect angle taking off from the scalp surface.

Eyebrow hair has a very short growth cycle than it is for scalp hair. The hair growth cycle in the eyebrows can be roughly being a timeline of 4months between anagen (growth) and telogen (rest) period before the catagen period (falling off).
Eyebrow Hair Transplant Procedure

Eyebrow hair restoration is done under local anesthesia and can be completed within 4hours. This can be done the same day of the consultation at H & S Hair Transplant Clinic London or some other day according to patient’s comfort and the elected surgeon’s availability. As a natural aspect eyebrow hair transplant surgeons most importantly follow the natural hair direction very minutely as there are very minute changes in hair angle in the eyebrows.

There are four basic principles while performing eyebrow hair transplantation

  • Single hair grafts must be used instead of multiple hair grafts. And the texture and size of the donor hair is also matched according to the eyebrows.
  • The single hair follicles are implanted to the eyebrow in a rotated structuring imitating the natural curvy hairs of the eyebrows.
  • The eyebrow hair transplantation must be attained in a fine grafting that the hair lays straight instead being pointy angling as with scalp hair is.

Indications of eyebrow hair restoration

Eyebrow hair restoration surgery is a safe and easy going cosmetic procedure as compared to scalp hair restoration procedure. However, there are still some considerations with this procedure:

  • As the donor hair is taken from the scalp being the ideal of it, this is to regard that after replacement to the eyebrows; the hair might grow as it would have been in its original place and require continued shaping. And moreover, there is another point to it that once you trim a hair its end becomes pointy and little brittle unlike a smooth and fine tip as it would naturally.
  • During the healing of surgical wounds, they contract with a little bumpy tissue, and the recipient of the eyebrow being very tiny and the object of focal attention, the area might be a little protruded beneath the eyebrow hair.
  • As the donor hair for eyebrow hair transplant is taken from the scalp or body, there might be some indifferences as in what natural eyebrow hair might look like. So before opting for the surgery, patients must understand the surgery and maybe estimate the realistic expectation out of it seeing the before after images of past patients of Harley Street Hair Transpaltn Clinic London.