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FUE Instruments

FUE hair transplantation instruments have a wide variety of manual, automated and motorised applications that basically consists of a punch to score the scalp (make a hole around the follicular units to loosen it from the scalp tissue), plucking the follicular units out in intact condition, and planting them to the recipient area. FUE hair transplantation is done under microscopic view, and the choice of FUE instruments is subjected to the surgeon’s preference and credibility. In this page we have shared information about the indispensable FUE hair transplant instruments and their varieties.

Hair Densitometer

A hair densitometer is the first instrument that is used on the patient and this device can actually count the number of thick and thin hairs with which the surgeon can estimate a probability of the donor density which is done during the consultation session that it helps in determining the design of the whole procedure. The hair densitometer uses digital imaging technology to distinguish thick, thin and fine hair shafts caused by typically affected by hair miniaturization and the progression of it.

Roto Core

As the FUE hair transplant technique has been discussed previously, each hair follicular unit is isolated by the use of a dull punch to rotate around it making a tiny room around it, that is called scoring the scalp till the erector pili muscle in order to loosen the follicular units from the dermal fatty tissue and once the follicular unit has loosened a forceps is used to gently grab hold of it and twisting it understandingly is pulled out intact.

A Rotocore is a hand held device that is the automated version of a punch used to score the scalp in FUE hair transplant technique and maintaining accuracy in each hole that it creates around each follicular unit with its unique automated rotation mechanism. This is used in both 2nd and 3rd step of FUE hair transplant techniques. Its approach is to eliminate uneven alignment in isolating the hair follicles and save from transection. And the depth of the penetration of the punch needle is recorded and limited with a Rotocore instrument with penetration depth spacers that limit the penetration of the tip deeper than the erector pili muscle.

It comes with an ergonomic handle for a better grip given when in larger grafting sessions with fully manual FUE hair transplant procedure the surgeon can feel strained fingers and resulting variations in graft extraction accuracy, the Rotocore mechanism avoids the human fatigue to be a factor and also easier grip.

The punch tip protrudes and automatically rotates when the surgeon applies pressure on the handle, and when the pressure is released the tip stops. The automation serves the purpose of the hair transplant surgeon to rotate and move the punch needle on applying his own stress, and also avoids but however, however, it still requires the surgeon’s precision in when to release the pressure. The rotocore punch tips are comparatively smaller than a usual punch, minimizing the chances of debris clogging in the lumen meaning that the disposal of debris fatty tissue is simultaneous with the donor harvesting saving time and interruption.

Safe System

The Safe System is another instrument used into the Follicular Isolating Technique (FIT) that is the third step of the graft extraction in FUE hair transplantation. The Safe System is the brand name of a hand held device that does the purpose of blunt dissection into isolating the follicular units before pulling it out with a forceps. This is a motorized instrument used for FUE hair transplantation.

This is used to score the scalp in the 2nd Step of the FUE hair transplant procedure wherein the machine applies a blunt punch that rotates into the scalp cutting it and once the scalp is penetrated the speed of the rotation can be decreased and hence, the follicular units can be isolated less traumatizing the follicles, this step is called graft isolation. Once the grafts have been isolated it is carefully plucked out with the forceps.