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FUT Pros and Cons

The most significant goal for hair restoration is to yield natural looking and the thickest possible coverage of the bald zone with least visible scars. The basic advantage and disadvantage associated with FUT procedure is more precise to yield the greater amount of donor hair of the best quality, than the FUE procedures. However the resulting linear scar in the patient’s scalp is seen as a con.

Interestingly, the new principles of donor excision and closure of FUT Hair Transplantation have improvised at great extent. The new methods of use of local anaesthesia, use of single blade excision, trichophytic closure, and the concentration on the right laxity of the scalp have contributed to the improvisation.

Pros of FUT

  • The larger number of hair transplantations of up to 1,800 hair grafts can be obtained under one 7hour session
  • The microscopic open dissection of the hair follicles allows almost 100% graft survival.
  • FUT hair transplant cost is less expensive than FUE.FUT Cons
  • The linear scar can be detectable, no matter how fine, with thin hair or close cropped hair
  • Patients cannot resume with physical activity and heavy movement immediately, which can be a problem for professional athletes.