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Pre-operative instructions are given out in printed copies once the patient has qualified for a hair transplant procedure and surgery is confirmed. The below mentioned instructions are applicable for FUT and FUE hair transplant procedures.

The following instructions are organized according to the days and weeks before the procedure.

2 weeks to surgery

  • If the patient is having blood thinning medications and/or broad beta blockers it must be refrained or changed. At the consultation session these key points are always evaluated as in what the patient’s medication and drug usage and how it can be suited to accommodate a hair transplant surgery, because certain drugs do interfere with a surgery in ways of causing infection or any damage so it is very important that the patient should well document about every drug they currently use and have used during the recent past.
  • Don’t think of trimming or cutting the hair, especially if the patient have elected for an FUT hair transplant procedure, and it is best to wear the hair as it is or at least half an inch long at the back and sides of the scalp or the entire donor zone. Do not cut your hair within two weeks of your procedure. This is for the linear scar that can be easily hidden beneath upper layers of the hair, and if the hair is short then the more likely to be obvious. If the hair is out of shape and needs a trim, it can be shaped and trimmed on the surgery day itself.
  • Smoking and all kinds of nicotine consumption like tobacco chewing and nicorette gums must be started to be refrained from 2 weeks prior surgery. This has many functions for not just a hair transplant surgery but all kinds of surgery by means that smoking causes blood vessels to shrink resulting in uneven blood circulation in the scalp; moreover the oxygen in the blood might also not be circulated in the body including the scalp. This might lead to infection to the surgical wounds because the blood won’t be enough metabolic. Scars will also take more time to heal. And finally the hair growth might also impair even after properly executed hair transplantation. Hence, smoking must be initiated to be refrained especially for chain smokers as the effect of the nicotine lasts days in the blood.

1 week to surgery

  • Refrain from the intake of vitamins B or E in capsules and diet including any sort multi-vitamin supplement; for it does contain vitamin B and E. Vitamins in the blood can cause excessive bleeding, it is better to resist it from before a week to your hair transplant surgery.
  • Certain medications must be refrained including Aspirins, any anti-inflammatory drugs at least a week prior to surgery, and aspirins cannot be exchanged or alternated with any other supplement and if there is any confusion regarding drug usage it is better to inform the hair transplant surgeon first before taking it. Other prescription medications.
  • Alcohol consumption should be stopped or minimized so would tea and coffee.

3 days to surgery

  • Stop drinking any kind of alcoholic beverages. Minimise the intake of caffeinated beverages including tea, coffee and soda to not more than half a cup a day. If the patient has grey hair, then they better color their hair to a dark shade which allow better identification of the hair follicles especially for a FUE hair transplant procedure and use the 3days to scrub off the color off the scalp.
  • Fix a friend or a help to accompany on returning way home and to stay with you on the night and consecutive 2-3 nights after the surgery, because patient’s are likely to take it easy and refrain from lying down on the night after the surgery and do any strenuous movement for at least 2days.
  • Buy all the medications and post-op care items before hand to avoid last minute hazards.

The night before surgery and on the surgery day

  • As the hair transplant surgery is going to take place on first hour morning shifts, the patient might find it easier to wash their hair the previous night to avoid being late for the surgery. But do not apply anything else than a shampoo, like a conditioner, oil, mousse or styling gel. Any regular shampoo can be used.
  • It is better to have a good night sleep to avoid early rising fatigue and tension for having a surgery.
  • Have proper breakfast before arriving for the surgery, but do not drink coffee or any caffeinated drinks. Real fruit juice can be okay.
  • When arriving to the clinic for your hair transplant surgery, do not wear pull over shirts or any piece of clothing or accessory that would involve passing through the head, as this would obviously dislodge or damage the newly planted hair grafts. There won’t be any hospital clothing to change into the patient would wear the same clothing for the surgery which they have arrived in. Wear clean and button down shirts that will be easy to change after you have gone back home.