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Hair Transplant Pricing (Special offer limited period only):

Number of Grafts Implanted (FUT)
1000 Grafts Offer £2000 / £3000 / £4000
1500 Grafts Offer £2700 / £4200 / £5200
2000 Grafts Offer £3300 / £5500 / £6500
Number of Grafts Implanted (FUE)
1000 Grafts Offer £3000 / £5000 / £6000
1500 Grafts Offer £4000 / £6500 / £7500
2000 Grafts Offer £4875 / £7000 / £8000

Our hair transplant prices are transparent without any hidden costs and include all taxes.

We offer the free of cost consultation for your best benefit, so that you get complete knowledge about the procedure as well as the cost and payment criterions. This consultation will help you in the decision making in general, whether you decide to have the surgery with us, or anywhere in the world.

What Includes In Your Hair Transplant Cost

  • How many hair follicles you need – the extent of your baldness is addressed to calculate how many grafts are needed for a substantial coverage. Sometimes this decision can be complex if the patient has limited density of existing hair.
  • The Procedure FUT or FUE – FUE involves a highly strenuous procedure to obtain hair grafts one at a time. Hence, it is priced higher than the FUT procedure. So next the graft number calculation, the choice between FUT and FUE determines the cost.
  • The Anaesthesia – Local anaeshesia is used for both FUT and FUE procedures. If the patient wants, they may have twilight sedation, which adds to the cost.
  • The Surgeon – The fee structure varies as per every surgeon. We have some of the best surgeons in London that are pioneers in the field. We ensure you guaranteed results for your investment.

Pay Per Session or Pay Per Graft?

It is always a confusion when you are researching about the payment structure of a hair transplant surgery, whether it is FUT or FUE you choose. The pay per graft system is unique and sounds fool proof, but to say the truth, a predetermined graft number can never be accurate. This is means, you may need 50-60 or more hair grafts during surgery than what was decided with the surgeon at the pre-surgery consultation. Especially when it is a large graft number. On the other hand, the session wise system can end up needing less the number of hair grafts than you actually paid for.

We tend to make things easy for you. The session wise system is the best choice, when you need a large number of hair grafts, which is anything more than 1,000 grafts. The pay per grafts works best for small graft demands, as for corrective surgery or facial hair restoration.

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